Lights Out Chats

Lately, when putting Lucille to bed, she likes to ask questions or chat a bit about the most serious topics. Normally it's when the lights go out, hence the name of this post: lights out chats.

The other evening after getting home late from a baseball game, I told her she looked tired and her eyes were red. When I turned out the lights and went to sing her a bedtime song, she said "Mom, what is 'red'?" I said "You know, red like the color red." 

Then she said, "Mom, what is blood?" And I answered, "Blood is inside your body, getting pumped through your veins from your heart making your body work right."

Then she said, "Mom, what is sick?"
And I replied, "Sick is when something is wrong with the way your body is working."

"Sometimes throwing up makes you sick. " she said. 

So I corrected her a bit and said, "no throwing up doesn't make you sick it is actually helping you get better by getting something that is bothering you out."

The she said, "mommy, what is love?"

I held her little hand tight - and said "Love is when people make you feel warm and happy and safe and you have a good time with them. Those are the people you love. Mostly your friends and family."

By the time I finished that sentence I could hear her heavy sleep breathing and knew she had fallen asleep to me talking about love. And it felt like the sweetest moment in the world. 

I will cherish every bedtime. Answer every serious question she has. And I hope she'll still have "lights out chats" with me when she's twelve.

Picture credit goes to my husband (@themartinbunch on Instagram) while it has little to do with this post - it does show off Lucille's cute little face.

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