Saving Pennies.

Did you know that while it is of course, April Fools' day today - it is also National One Cent Day? I figured just as good a day as any to talk savings with a toddler, right?

Lucille is just getting to the age where she asks to buy things when we are out at stores. So I'm thinking it is time to start with the money management lessons... and that includes getting her a piggy bank / money jar of sorts. So of course, I am scouring the internet looking for cute, unusual, affordable banks for kids.

Here are my top picks.

Stealing Coin Cat Piggy Bank - This is high up in the cuteness factor. I love the little kitty paw and I know Lucille would too. Under $15 at Amazon is a great price too. There are some copy-cat (excuse the pun) kitty banks - but only for a few dollars cheaper and the reviews all say just buy the original. I only worry it is a little on the small side and is only for coins.

Moonjar Classic Money Box - I love this one. It teaches the classic "Save, Spend, Share" lesson - which I think is really important. The design is nice - not too childish. And it is still under $20. There is even a book that goes along with it - "How the Moonjar was Made".

Sugar Lulu Sweet Savings Bank - Another "Save, Spend, Give" bank idea. This one is a little more expensive, a little more girly and it has Lulu in the name (which Lucille would LOVE.)

Oh Deer! Money Box - I love the sweet look of this box. I think Lucille would love it too. And under $10 makes it a great deal.

Miniature Red Mailbox - I love this one too. It is such a neat way to store your pennies. I think Lucille would find it fun too. You wouldn't need the valentines and the price for just the box is under $15.

I think I'm going to go with the Moonjar and the book - maybe as a birthday present for her. I can't wait to help her learn about money and managing it. And start her saving the pennies.

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