Friday Fixation: Foodie Edition

I've been food obsessed lately. Maybe because I've found some delicious items lately, maybe because Gus is gluten-free now I'm on the hunt for new things. Who knows. Either way - you benefit from my obsession - because I'm sharing my favorites here with you.

First a new snack for me - A rice cake with Trader Joe's cashew butter, baked coconut chips and chocolate chips. If you like add some bananas. Delicious... pretty good for you -- and gluten-free if you care. I haven't actually gotten the kids to try it yet, which is strange because there are chocolate chips on it.

Second - and this one is not healthy AT ALL. But these Kona Coffee Shortbread cookies from Trader Joes are like heaven. Pick some up the next time you go to TJ's - and don't look at the fat content.

I posted a few days ago about Gus' need for a gluten-free diet and I got some great advice and tips from other parents who have gone this route. One of those tips was Pushkin's Bakery. OMG. It was delicious. Gus and Lucille ate carrot cupcakes for breakfast the other day... and we'll be going again. Soon.

Lucille and I also made homemade lemonade this week, because we had some lemons on our tree. I mean, 1 cup of lemon juice, 1 cup sugar and 6 cups water. Easy peasy. A good intro into the warmer weather. We all loved it.

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