Moshey Pie: Pennsylvania Dutch Treat

This is a recipe that my mom remembers making with her grandmother when she was about 5. Her family has long roots in Reading, PA - Pennsylvania Dutch country. When looking for info about this recipe on the Internet you can find much -- except that this is becoming a lost recipe. So, I'm sharing it to help preserve it.

My mom remembers making Moshey Pie when her grandmother was making other pies and using the leftover dough. We had some left from a pie - so we decided to make one. 

Basically all you do is roll out the leftover dough and press it into a tart pan (if you have enough or just lay it flat like we did.)

Cover the dough with brown sugar and dot with butter. Than dribble the top with molasses and cook until the dough is done. 

Easy peasy. Lucille could almost do it by herself. 

Try it with the littles and enjoy!

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