Lessons from (and to) the littles - Friday Favorites!

I haven't done a Friday Fixation post in a while - but I found a handful of things worth checking out so I'm sharing today. They have a common theme - of things we either want to teach our kids or things our kids teach us or things other parents can teach us.

I know my kids teach me things EVERY DAY. I hope I teach them a few life lessons every now and then too.

What a 3-year old girl teaches her dad about gender.

12 things I've taught my 10-year old.

From the amazing Fatherly Forum, what happens when you accidentally teach your daughter the other "S" word?

Reading about other parents experiences is a great way to get ideas for your own journey. Check out "My Motherhood" journeys from me and other Instagram mamas over at Magnolia Mama blog.

NFL star spends season as substitute teacher. While in the back of my head I have some thoughts on the pay discrepancy between teachers and NFL stars... I still can appreciate him taking the time to have this experience.

And of course, and oldie but goodie I wrote about some lessons I've learned from my own beautiful mother.

A few things I have learned from Gus and Lucille:

  • How to take it slow.
  • Pink is NOT a girl color. {Lucille's favorite color is Green... and Gus seems to gravitate towards Lucille's pink things.}
  • Crying is ok... and you don't always have to say "I'm sorry." {More on this in a later post...}
  • Self play and imagination are AMAZING learning opportunities.

What lessons have you learned from your littles? What do you try and teach them?

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