Family Dinner Book Club

I've got two fun family activities that I'm hoping to try and work into our busy schedule. One is a family game night (more on this later) and the other is the Family Dinner Book Club. A fun group of bloggers put together a list for the year and come up with activities and recipes to make. They have a Facebook Page where you can find all the fun ideas.

I was a little worried that some of these would be too much (too long ... not enough pictures) for Lucille and obviously for Gus. But the first book, Paddington Bear - has been easy for me to read a chapter to Lucille at bedtime - and she listens and asks questions. To include Gus in the adventure - I've found Paddington Bear board books at the library and checked them out for him like - Paddington Bear Goes to Market and Paddington Bear All Day.

We are going to have a Peruvian dinner (since Paddington is from "the darkest Peru") and a teddy grahams and marmalade for dessert.

I've also started a Pinterest board for ideas I'd like to include this month relating to Paddington. We are excited to have a new fun thing to do together as a family. Stay tuned for more about the other books - and pictures of our special dinner night on social media - Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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