Christmas Shopping List 2015: The Stockings

Stocking stuffing just might be the BEST thing about Christmas. I think it is fun to find little trinkets to entertain and amuse - especially for those first minutes on Christmas morning before breakfast the stockings can be what holds you over until present time. I've found some fun things this year - so of course, I had to share them!

I'm keeping everything on this list under $10 and small enough to fit in a somewhat large stocking.

Pirate lover in your family? How about some Scurvy Begone? (Check out all the fun stuff from 826 Valencia) - $9

From the same shop (but not just for pirates) Directional Dice. For $1. Help people choose their path. :)

I did a whole post on photo gift ideas - but these little tiny magnet albums are perfect for stocking stuffers! You get 3 for $15! So it's only $5 per mini album and they are perfect for grandparents or a spouse that would love to take some pictures to work.

I've seen Crazy Aaron's putty all over lists around the web - so I'm sure you have too. But a handful of them are under $10 on amazon like this heat sensitive one. So I have to share them here. How fun to play with first thing Christmas morning. But you may not get beyond your stocking...

These backpack pins from J. Crew are a great option for the little school agers. 5-8 age range will think these are so cute! You could even pin them right to the stocking! And some like the Mama Llama might get a chuckle out of an adult or two.

I did a full post on gifting games this Christmas - but I left one off that list to include here. Love Letter is a quick and easy card game that even non-game players can enjoy because it only takes 15 minutes or so. And at around $7 it is a great stocking stuffer!

Of course yummy items are always an easy stuffer item. These Botan Rice Candy used to be a staple in our stockings every year. I'm thinking of reviving the tradition this year.

There is so much more out there - this is just the beginning. Hope it gave you some ideas - and I hope you are wrapping up your shopping for the holidays! We are reaching the deadlines for standard shipping - so remember to check those things when you order.

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