Christmas Shopping List 2015: For the mama

This list could also be called: My own personal christmas list. I'm a mama and I'd love any of these items. So Jonny, if you're reading this...

Ok, so on to the goods.

I'm going to start with a t-shirt I just love every time I see it. This Mama Bird t-shirt is lovely and looks so comfy on all the mamas. I'm a bird lover so it might appeal a little more to me... but I think all us mamas can relate.

I love small bags or wristlets. They are PERFECT for stuffing into a larger purse or diaper bag - but allow some flexibility if you want to leave the big bag in the car. I have one that I use religiously - but I'd love a new one and really want a cross body bag - so this mini crossbody sling is perfect. Love the nude leather color too.

Another Etsy find for mamas - this gold script bracelet is a loving reminder of our number one role. It is amazing how much babies change a person and I think this bracelet symbolizes that. And um, $23? That's a great price.

Ok, this one might just be me - but I LOVED Gilmore Girls. So when I saw this Lorelai Mug ... I might have squealed out loud. A map of Stars Hollow on a mug. $25 might seem crazy for a mug... but I'd use it. Every day.

This is a bit of a splurge I think, at $95 - but some nice, classic white pajamas like these from J. Crew would probably make a good gift for anyone. But a mama who cherishes every second that her eyes are closed and the room is silent? Seems like heaven.

Just a handful of things. I'll be doing a post about gifting experiences later (which can be super good ideas for mamas too!) So stay tuned.

If you missed my kid books recommendations check it out. I'd love to hear what is on your list too!

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