Christmas Shopping List 2015: For Him

When I see Christmas Gift Guides for guys - most of the time 99% of the gifts are not ones that my husband, father OR father-in-law would really like or use. So This is my gift guide. Maybe your guy is really more into expensive scarves and leather wallets. That's awesome. If not maybe on of these will strike your fancy.

This Beer Cap Map just might end a ongoing argument between my husband and I. For some reason he saves bottle caps. In our junk drawer. And I always seem to poke a finger on one when I am looking for a pen or tape or something that belongs in the junk drawer. Maybe if he had this - he'd have a place to put those caps! Hum....

My husband loves his iced coffee. With his kinda wacky work schedule (leaving the house at 4am) and a 17 month old who doesn't sleep through the night - it makes sense that iced coffee would be his best buddy. I'm not sure he would use it - but a home cold brew system like this Toddy T2N - seems like a pretty good and not expensive gift idea.

This is more my dad's style than mine - but a bread mix where all you have to do is add beer and stir and bake - seems easy and any beer lover would almost always have the necessary ingredient on hand. Although convincing them its better in bread then out of the bottle, might be difficult. Oh and I love the name Soberdough.

For the dads who have car loving kids like mine, this car play mat shirt is a fun gift from the kiddos. And its like you are giving him a massage at the same time. Fun and unique. If you're kid is into aliens they have an outer space version too.

Does your guy have a place that he LOVES? Maybe his home town, collage town or maybe just a place he loves to visit? This custom Christmas tree ornament is a great gift. Its handmade, from on of my favorite websites AND only $19. Super original.

Another great BRIKA option is this crafty, handy H2O reusable beverage tote. Can clip on to a bike or a belt or a diaper bag - or where ever he might need it. And it is so much nicer to look at then some of those water bottles. Again, only $19.

Any other good gift ideas for the guys you'd like to share?

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