Cave Tools: Kabob Skewers Rack Review

Cave Tools contacted me to do a product review for them and I jumped at the chance. We love using our grill and we do it year round. My husband does most (all) of the grilling but we all enjoy the final products.

The Kabob Skewers Rack - is a handy invention. It is easy to have problems keeping the skewers from falling through or spacing them apart appropriately. This fixes those problems.
We did chicken and onion on the skewers and it came out perfectly! They were easy to skewer and set up and having the rack even helped with marinating the meat as well.

After we were finished it cut back on our grill clean up time (by keeping the meet up away from the actual grill) and the rack and skewers fit perfectly into our dishwasher making clean up even easier.

This time of year - everyone is thinking about presents and if you have someone on your list who LOVES to BBQ or cook - I really recommend checking out these Cave Tool products. The price point is great too. And if you have Amazon Prime and order the Kabob Skewers Rack on Amazon - there is still plenty of time before Christmas. Plus, use coupon code: LHWJZQMZ for 15% off (for Amazon orders.)

I'd be interested in trying some other products too like these Meat Claws (they might make a fun stocking stuffer too!)

While I did receive the product complimentary, the review and words are all my own. I wouldn't recommend a product we didn't like - so I hope you like it too. 

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