Around Town: New Year's for Families Edition

Hope everyone had a safe Christmas / Holiday season. Can you believe it is almost 2016? I can't. Time flies by. I remember the days when NYE meant staying out until 2am or later drinking loads of champagne in a pretty dress that cost more than I could afford, that I would probably never wear again. Ah, well. Last year we celebrated East coast time and we were asleep before midnight in California. The life of a parent with little littles.

So this year, I thought I'd do some research and find ways to celebrate that are family friendly. And of course, I am here to share them with you!

First - I have to talk about the Crocker Art Museum's Noon Years Eve. I love the name. Noon Years Eve is what I'm celebrating this year. And why not do it at the Crocker with a magician, drums, bagpipes and Father Time himself. Sounds like a fun event to me.

The Discovery Museum is having a New Year's Banner activity that actually is available to do from Saturday Dec. 26 thru Dec 31 - where kids 12 and younger create a New Year's banner to take home. All there events are listed on one page so you might have to scroll to find this one. But it sounds like a fun activity!

The Children's Museum is having a Who Year - New Year's Party on the 31st - the party will be during the regular hours and on into the member's only hours with fun activities focusing on cultural activities throughout the world as the clock strikes midnight in various places. Sounds like a fun time and if your a member - it might be worth checking out during the less-busy member only hours.

The Old Sacramento New Year's Eve Sky Spectacular has two firework shows. One at 9pm and one at midnight. If your kids manage to take a late nap - maybe the 9pm would work? Our kids tend to be late nappers and getting to bed at 10pm is doable sometimes.

Hope everyone finds something fun to do! 

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