Traveling Tots - My go-to items for the littles.

We travel a bit with our kiddos. I don't know that I'd say a lot, but my in-laws live 3 hours away and we try and do that trip once a month or so. But we have learned what we need to bring, what we can leave and how to keep our sanity. For drives that are 3 hours or less - we try and do them at nap time - which makes it pretty easy.

Train rides and plane rides are a bit more difficult - but again you can do it and keep your sanity with the right goods. Today in fact, we are on our way to Hawaii! I'm sure I'll do a kid-friendly Hawaii review when we get back - but for now here are the goodies.

We LOVE our Shrunks Indoor Travel Bed. We have 2 - one that we leave permanently at my in-laws and another that we can take with us places. Lucille loves it because she gets to bring a bed with her. We love it because it has a nice travel bag and an electric pump to blow it up with. The bag fits in our big suitcase if we are traveling by train or plane. We also own the inflatable rail version.

A travel reusable sticker set or magnet set is great entertainment for kids in cars, planes or trains. This Map of the World Play Scene is a favorite of mine. If your kids like stickers they'll love being able to reuse these over and over again and they come in a handy little set that is easy to pack.

Obviously, if you're bringing electronics for the kids (iPad, DVD player, etc.) then you need headphones for the kiddos. We got these LilGadgets Headphones in pink and in green for Lucille and Gus. You don't need a splitter because one set of headphones can attach to another - which is great for us. I try and get them a new DVD before a big trip.

Backpacks are of course great - Lucille loves to carry hers around.

If you have babies in diapers - you know poop happens. These Arm & Hammer diaper bags are great to keep the smell contained if you aren't at a place that you can properly dispose of the dirty diaper. Our dispenser broke - but we still use the refills and just stuff some in the diaper bag.

Another great thing I love to do is head to the Dollar Store before a trip and buy a few cheap, small toys that will be new to each of them. I always remember my mom giving me little new toys or books on trips and it sure does keep the kids happy.

And one more traveling tot tip - have you heard of Kid & Coe? It's like AirBnB for kid-friendly home rentals. So amazing. I'm hoping to do a Kid & Coe rental in 2016. It is on my bucket list.

I'd love to hear more suggestions for traveling little ones. What are your tips?

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