MPM: Week of Aug 31

My parents leave for Madagascar tomorrow for a few weeks. Meaning meal planning is going to be super important the next two weeks. I can't just call them up and crash their plans. :) So. Here is the plan for this week.

Monday: dinner out
Tuesday: Black Bean Tacos
Wednesday: Chicken Parmesan Casserole
Thursday: Crockpot beef stroganoff
Friday: Greek Food Festival for dinner
Saturday: dinner out with friends and family
Sunday: River Cats game

With the Greek festival and other plans this weekend - it won't be too hard to stick to this. We'll see about next week. What if I have to cook all seven nights?!? We might end up with mac 'n' cheese one night. We'll see.

Of course - more menu plans over at the Org Junkie! Hope I can produce a few more posts this week. Work and kids are keeping me busy!

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