4 Tips to Relax (even with 2 kids)

I'm not going to say its easy. I have a hard time relaxing and making time for myself these days. Every spare second I feel like I should be doing one of two things: working or cleaning. But you have to admit that sometimes relaxing is the best thing for you - and the best thing for your family.

So guess what? It's National Relaxation Day - which seems like a GREAT time to figure out something that you can add into your crazy life to help you relax. I'm not going to tell you to make a cup of tea and turn on the bath - because while that is relaxing - it isn't really going to happen, is it?

These things may or may not seem relaxing to you at first - but I find that if I am with the kids and need to relax - these are my go to tips. And I mean without handing the kids over to your significant other. These relaxation tips involve the kids. I know, it sounds like an oxymoron.

1.} Go for a walk. Without any agenda and without any electronic devices. I find that if I let the kids lead on the walk - we may only get a few houses away - but if I don't rush it and I don't get out my phone, these walks can be very relaxing. Kids need to relax too and can do it if they are given the space. Some times we don't even walk we just go out onto the front porch and the kids can play and I can watch. And that relaxes me.

2.} Put on your comfy clothes. Or maybe just have a pajama day with the kids. If you aren't comfortable in what you are wearing it is pretty hard to relax. It is one of the first things I do when I get home from either work or being out. I change into comfy clothes. It sends at least 1/2 my stress out the window.

3.} Lay Down. This one might sound the strangest - but if my kids are playing and I lay down in the living room next to them - they both come over to me and give me cuddles and kisses and then go back to playing. I can lay there for maybe 2 minutes before someone needs something. Although sometimes Gus lays on me the whole time. But I don't mind. :)

4.} Draw! Again, this is something the kids can get into and you'd be surprised that if you pick uchalk and join in; your mind can start to clear a bit. Its great with young kids because you can just draw shapes and lines and scribbles and they'll be glad you joined in.
p a crayon or marker or

Anyone else have things they can do with the kids that relax them? I'm always looking for new techniques!

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