One. Again.

I am so amazed with the last year. It went by so quickly. I watched Gus go from a little baby to an early crawler, then an early walker. I watched Lucille grow up so quickly. I just can't believe that Gus is already one-year old. No more newborns in our house. Its very bittersweet. I thought I was going to cry last night. I've held the tears in so far though. My birth experience with Gus was a breeze. I checked into the hospital around 9 a.m. and had Gus a little after Noon. All natural and only 2 or 3 pushes - similar to Lucille (except this time I had my doctor present.) It is such a happy memory.

I'm feeling pretty proud that I managed to put together a video for him to post on his birthday. Here it is. You can watch my baby grow right before your eyes.

I made the big step of quitting a reliable, full-time job to work from home - digital communications consulting so that we didn't have to put the kids into Daycare. I'm so glad I did that and SO glad that it is working out and that I'm busy with work.

P.S. I'm still finalizing Lucille's video for her 2nd birthday - but if you want to watch her video from her first birthday - here is that post.

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