KCRA A-List Nomination

I'm so thankful to be a KCRA A-List Nominee again! I love writing this blog and when new readers find me and like what I'm writing about it really makes my day. I know it take time to login and vote - so a big, big THANK YOU to my readers who have voted for me. I really do appreciate it.

I thought I'd also share some of the GREAT places in Sacramento that I'm voting for. If you're going to login and vote for me - these businesses are worth considering too!

Best BBQ: Tank House BBQ and Bar - If you haven't checked out Tank House, do it. Now. The food is amazing. In fact I'm craving it right now.

Best Local Charity: The Little Voice Project - I am a proud board member for this charity and truly believe in its mission to fix a broken system and give a voice to the little people that are left in KNOWN bad situations.

Best New American: Roxy Restaurant - For being a higher end restaurant they are surprisingly kid friendly. The food is always amazing and from local sources and the ambiance is great. They even have the sling carseat holders if you've got a little baby with you.

Best Children's Clothing: Koukla Kids - Great stuff here. This small midtown shop is packed with great finds. Always worth checking out.

Best Chocolate: Ginger Elizabeth - The chocolate speaks for its self. If you haven't stopped by here - I don't know what you're waiting for.

Best Greek: Cafe Europa - Locally owned by greeks - and delish! Friendly environment and staff.

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