MPM: Week of January 12

There are a few roll over items we didn't do last week on this weeks menu - but otherwise we did pretty good last week. I even made a homemade dessert recipe - with some puff pastry and fruit I had on hand (I'll post the recipe this week.)

Here is my plan for this week. Again, I'm sure we will eat at my parents at least one or two nights - but I'll plan all week anyways.

Monday: lasagna soup
Tuesday: {I'll be at a meeting - so husband and kids are on their own.}
Wednesday: parmesan crusted pork chops
Thursday: garlicky quinoa bowls
Friday: Greek-style tuna melt with fries
Saturday: Thai shrimp with rice and veggies
Sunday: buffalo chicken salad

Ok, there is the plan. I'm looking forward to the lasagna soup tonight. More plans at org junkie of course.

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