Enjoy the Super Bowl (even if it's not your thing)

I touched on my opinion of the Super Bowl a while ago, and it's about the same now. I have no investment in the teams playing, but if it's going to be on - and I'm not going to a party - I might as well find a way to enjoy it, right?

Some fun food and a bingo game are just the the thing to solve that problem. Here is what I suggest.

Studio DIY has the most lovely Bingo cards to help get engaged in the game. Just make a handful of copies and pass out to anyone who you are watching with. I'm convinced Bingo games (or drinking games, if that's your style) are the best way to get into anything. Or maybe having a stake in the office pool - but that's a different post.

If trivia is more your style, that's an option too.

Popcorn is always a good TV watching snack and I've really been getting into customizing the flavors lately. Find a good flavor idea you like and try it out. We are still experimenting with the Raley's Something Extra Try-It samples we got. I'm thinking of trying this apple cinnamon popcorn snack recipe this time.

Another Studio DIY find - are these glitter foam fingers. They are adorable and you could do this with any size foam finger you could get your hands on.

Order a pizza for the main meal (if your a Sacramento local and haven't tried Wenelli's - I highly recommend it. The Arden Park Pleaser is my favorite.

For dessert, these ice cream sandwiches over at the celebration shoppe are adorable and easy to put together.

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