Bike Dog Brewery: Review

At the end of last year we made a trip out to Bike Dog Brewery in West Sacramento - to try some beer and buy some Christmas presents. We were so pleasantly surprised by just how kid-friendly this brewery was that I had to share. I'm just sorry it's taken me so long to actually do it.

Things you need to know: (1) it's not a large area so get there early if you're with a crowd and expect you might be sharing a space. Luckily, the people you are sharing it with are likely to have kids too, so don't get to worried about that. (2) They are only open Thursday, Friday or Saturday. (3) They don't have their own kitchen so be sure to check what food truck is going to be there the evening you are thinking of going - just to make sure it's something you'd want to eat.

Now on to the kid-friendly bit. They had toys. They had a truck and some stacking blocks for kids to play with. Obviously food truck food can be kid-friendly, as you can most likely get a grilled cheese, or mac and cheese, or chicken strips (just be sure to check this in advance - or bring you're own food.)

The biggest plus for me was that there were actually other kids there. And I didn't feel like I was getting funny looks when Lucille wanted to load the truck they had up with the blocks and move them around our table. No glares for patrons who wished we had stayed home. Friendly staff and super friendly atmosphere. 

I know people always say that Sacramento is a little "Portland-jealous" and sometimes I am - but this place reminded me of Portland. I almost felt hip again (almost.)

I'd put this on your list of places to go if you haven't already. Good beer, good atmosphere. Bring your kids, bring your dogs, bring your bike...

Bike Dog Brewing Co. 2534 Industrial Blvd. Ste. 110 West Sacramento, CA 95691 

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