Holiday Gift Guide: For Her

I think most women are pretty easy to buy for. Especially if you just listen. They tend to talk about things they want or need all the time. I know I do. My mom purposefully drops hints to my dad and he STILL has to ask me every year what he should get her.

I doubt the men in our lives are reading (or paying attention to this post) but maybe you need an idea for a friend - or maybe they are paying attention. So here are some of my finds for us ladies.

Jewelry is always a safe bet, right? We'll I've found two AMAZING jewelry brands through Instagram: H.M. Willow and Wrenn Jewelry. Over at Wrenn Jewelry the personalized heart bracelet is lovely. Its also super affordable - at $25. I love The Betty Ruth at H.M. Willow - its a lovely shade of pink.

These better life bags are another winner. They are lovely, you can customize them and they help out people who need it. Read the story behind the better life bags and you'll want to get two. One for you and one for a friend.

Another jewelry find is this cute "mama" bracelet from etsy shop Brin & Bell. A great price at $23.

J. Crew always has amazing finds but this John Derian small round tray is adorable. I constantly have a handful of jewelry laying on my night stand and any of these designs would make a PERFECT home for those accessories. Under $50 - makes it affordable. If you want closer to the $25 dollar range - this stone hand tray from West Elm would work equally as well.

How about candles? I'm obsessed with candles - but these from Chicks with Wicks {GREAT name!} are awesome. They are in craft brew beer cans. I'll be getting a few of these for people (hopefully they aren't reading this post!)

My last idea for this list is the game Love Letter. I love giving games for Christmas, and love playing them during the holidays too. This game is under $10, doesn't take a long time to play and has won a few awards. I'm getting it for someone this Christmas... shhh.

There are my suggestions! Hope you enjoyed them and that they gave you some ideas. Be sure to keep reading for more of my Holiday Gift Guides!!

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