Holiday Gift Guide: Books!

Ok, we are getting to the point where you can't be too creative anymore. Shipping deadlines have come and gone especially for the handmade, crafty goods. It's time to focus on If you're an Amazon Prime member this means free 2 day shipping at any price. Which means more time to shop! I thought I'd highlight some great books for every type of gift recipient.

Texts from Jane Eyre - This is actually on my wishlist. I'm a huge literary buff - but with two kids I have no reading time. I now look for short, fun books that I can but down for days (or weeks!) at a time and return to later. This is that book.

A Little Princess {Puffin in Bloom edition} - I love this classic book and I really can't wait till I can read chapter books with my kiddos before bedtime. If you have a young child you're buying for - why not get them a beautifully designed, hardcover classic? These are perfect to start a collection and you can buy a new one every occasion (birthdays, Easter, whenever...)

Fifty Dresses That Changed The World - You know you have that friend that is really into fashion and classics. I have about 20 of them. They would all love this book. I would love this book.

The Signature of All Things - Even if you weren't a fan of Eat, Pray, Love - this book is getting great reviews. I could see this being a great gift for my mom and a few of my aunts. I'll be reserving it from the library for myself.

Butterfield 8 - The entire penguin drop cap collection is worth purchasing JUST to own such beautiful books. The Butterfield 8 cover is one of my favorites, as is the book. These are the like the Puffin in Bloom books I mentioned above, but for adults. Book lovers will appreciate these and so will design buffs.

Far From the Tree - This book would be a great book for any parent. The author dives into what families go through raising children who follow all different paths. I'm pretty sure it will make any parent cry - but at the same time open your eyes and appreciate the little humans you have in front of you for the individuals they are.

Need more help finding a book? Check out this awesome Penguin Hotline. ;)

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