Halloween movie night

A few weeks ago, my husband and I did something we hadn't done in a long time. We attempted to watch a movie after the kids were asleep. We had gotten some popcorn courtesy of Raley's Something Extra Try-It program and my husband found out I had never seen Top Gun. So we popped some corn and started the movie. We got about 1/2 way through it - and both opted for bed. Its amazing how cheesy movies we loved growing up seem now.

Anyways, I'm hoping to try it again this week. This time with a Halloween theme. We'll be using the Raley's kettle corn to make this yummy Pumpkin Pie Popcorn. I did a post about movies free on Amazon Prime last Halloween, but it seems some things have changed! 

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We bought "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" last year so that might be the movie of choice this time. 

And I'm thinking we'll be drinking hot buttered rum. Because its my favorite hot drink -- and I've been pregnant the last 2 winters (OMG) -- and haven't had one in AGES.

So I've put together a new Pinterest board just for movie nights. If you're interested follow along. I'm loving the popcorn recipes out there. I can't wait till the kiddos are old enough for movie nights too.

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