Children's books for Fall

We are a book loving family, to say the least. Lucille loves the library and flipping through books. You should see our bookshelves. They are packed. I try and weed through them sometimes and pull out stuff to donate... but they always seem full.

So when I found a vintage halloween theme book called "Gus and the baby ghost" I had to get it. Of course, I have to get Lucille something too... so I ordered her "Ghosts in the House" a cute book about a witch who lives in a house with ghosts.

Here are those two - plus a few others I've found that make great reads for Halloween and Fall.

Gus and the Baby Ghost - Ghosts in the House - One Spooky Night - Six Creepy Sheep
5 Little Pumpkins - We're Going on a Leaf Hunt - Duck & Goose Find a Pumpkin - I Love Fall
Apples and Pumpkins - The First Thanksgiving - One, Two ... Boo! - I Love You, Little Pumpkin

Some of these you can get for a great price on Amazon right now - and you can of course check them out from the library too.

P.S. All the links are Amazon Affiliate links.

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