Sacramento: Coming Soon

I've been hearing about some interesting new places coming soon to Sacramento - and after checking out The Parlor and their amazing ice cream puffs, I'm looking forward to the other new spots coming soon.

SusieCakes, a Southern California bakery is going to be opening at the Pavilions shopping center - which is showing signs of life again, with the latest Cafe Bernardo and Insight coffee filling the void left when David Berkeley's and Starbucks left.

Here's what I'm keeping an eye out for. Hawks Restaurant will be opening a Sacramento location at Stockton and Alhambra in midtown. Since I don't make it up to Roseville / Granite Bay to eat very often, I'm looking forward to this. Our pediatrician is at that corner so this could be a yummy post doctor lunch.

Fried chicken lovers have been waiting patiently for South to open -- and I hope they do soon, too. Looks like they are aiming for the Fall - and I wish them luck. It will be perfect timing for some good, southern comfort food - just as the weather cools off.

There are a few that I've heard about. Can't wait to give them a try.

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