Rise & Shine: 10 day challenge

Starting August 18, I'll be participating in Abundant Mama's 10 day Rise & Shine challenge. I spoke about my new appreciation for mornings after Lucille was born and I expect this to be very similar. With my husbands new work schedule, I'll be getting the kids ready myself most mornings and hope to enjoy some peaceful time before they wake. I think this challenge could help!

This is the ideal time for me to get back into a morning routine... hopefully it will allow me to get organized and adjusted to my new normal. I've been trying it out the past few mornings - but barely have time to organize the diaper bag and prep breakfast before Lucille is awake. I haven't even added in "make morning coffee" to the routine yet.

Also its been hit and miss as far as keeping Gus asleep in the swing while I do all that. He is one noisy sleeper!

Anyone else try and use the morning as some "alone" time?

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