MPM: Week of Aug 11

Well, I'm going to attempt to stick to a meal plan - with a 2 week old baby, 15 month old toddler at home while my husband returns to work this week. Yup, so it's me and two babies at home all day. Good luck to me... even before throwing in a meal plan.

I have some freezer meals I managed to make pre-baby so I'm including 2 of those in this weeks plan.  Things may get moved around based on baby Gus visitors. But here is the plan:

Monday: Asian turkey lettuce wraps
Tuesday: zucchini quiche (freezer meal)
Wednesday: buffalo chicken sandwiches (with sweet potato fries)
Thursday: taquito salad
Friday: baked ziti (freezer meal)
Saturday: pesto chicken with potatoes (make an extra to freeze)
Sunday: at my parents

We'll see how this ranks on the ambitious scale. Wish me luck on my first week trying to cook dinners with two littles at home. Oh and any super easy recipe recommendations would be welcome.

More menu plans at Org junkie of course.

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