The Waiting Game... Part Two

Oh, how fun it is to read pre-Lucille posts and compare them to my life now. Five days before Lucille arrived I did a post about what I was doing while we waited for her arrival. Well, here I am again - on maternity leave and no baby yet. My husband has started his vacation time too... so we are having some family time just the three of us.

It is no where near as boring and relaxing as I described last time, of course. Lucille is a full-blown toddler now, running around and getting into everything. We are enjoying the time - but I'm sure not making brownies, or catching up on my T.V.

So this time around, we are still working on organizing baby boy's room. I picked a "world traveler" theme -- and its coming together slowly -- but he won't have a crib in there until he is out of the pack n play in our room... which was about 4 months with Lucille. At that point we hope (cross your fingers for us) that Lucille is in a toddler bed.

We are trying to organize the rest of the house too. We had to move my office stuff into our master and upgrade our internet to include a landline.

We've been having fun too. Taking Lucille to the State Fair, the Sacramento Zoo and the Folsom Zoo. But there is no sitting around. No baking. I'd like to get a few more meals frozen for when I have the baby, but we'll see if that happens.

I did get a mani / pedi (thanks to a birthday gift from my aunts) but one nail and one toe were ruined within an hour (Lucille bit some of the nail polish when eating a grape out of my hand and stepped on my foot with her shoes on to mess up the toe.)

Ah, I already can imagine how life with 2 under 2 is going to change things....

Stay tuned.

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