Friday Afternoon

This week's Friday post is going to be a little different. Over at one of my favorite career-related websites, Levo League, they posted a great article: 10 Things Successful People Do On Friday Afternoon. So my challenge to you? Read the post and try and do these 10 things. Here is my attempt and some thoughts on each action:

Accomplishments for the week: I am working toward a few personal / professional goals that aren't quiet flushed out enough yet to share - but I have made a few big strides towards achieving them this week. Sorry I can't share more yet. Stay tuned. In other accomplishments, I worked on my closet cleaning and baby boys room as well as cleaned up the guest room.

Priorities for next week: My priorities for next week are networking (already have a few things scheduled,) continue to work on baby boy's nursery and work on a few recipes to share on the blog!

Schedule / to-do list for next week: I'll work on my schedule and to-do list this afternoon. It will include more details on how I'm going to work on my priorities listed above, as well as specific to-do items for both work and home life. Including concentrating on Father's Day gifts and plans!

Downtime for next week: I am going to commit to two nights of early bed times next week. This won't be hard since I am hitting the part of my pregnancy where I am really tired.

Organize office: Since my home office is in transition (we are converting our "office room" into the nursery and moving my desk into our bedroom - the organizing my office is difficult. But, I have been working on this project all week - so for now that is going to have to do.

Decide weekend accessibility: I have some weekend responsibilities, so I do check my work email / phone but nothing gets a response unless it is urgent. That is pretty standard for my weekend accessibility.

Weekend plans: Activities for the weekend may include the Soul Food Farm Vintage Market, a trip to Effie Yeaw / Ancil Hoffman park and a "Day at the Farm" event in Newcastle. Plus loads of eating, music and playing scrabble. It's always fun to have visitors!

Fun Friday activity: Since our visitors arrive today we will fun Friday evening no matter what... maybe Pangaea Two Brews Cafe for dinner and a stop at Gunther's afterwards? Ice cream has to go on the list since this weekend is going to be so hot!

Acknowledge others: What a good idea. I know in both my personal life and work life -- there is so much that I couldn't get done without the help of others. It's not hard to take a few minutes and say thanks. My husband would be first on this list for being so supportive. Especially through my crazy preggo hormones.

Say "good-bye": I try and do this every week -- but today I'll make it a priority. I can see how its important to wrap up your week and it provides opportunities to connect with people that might have been busy all week and unavailable.

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