Shopping for baby boy

A few years ago I did a post on cute things for boys because all I ever hear is "Girls have such cute clothing!" Well now that we are expecting our baby boy (P.S. no name yet.) I'm on the hunt again for some cute original items. Since it has been a few years - most of the links on my earlier post are no good anymore. Those products are gone so I start the search over.

Luckily for me, I think the cute clothes in the boy market has improved. Here are some of my new finds. I'm loving all the California themed items. I always feel like everything features New York or Paris. California needs some love too!

Cali Cub - Weestructed
Olympic Sleeveless Bodysuit - Bobo Choses
Zip-Up Hooded Chambray Jacket - Gymboree
Surf Dude Tee - Pumpkin Patch Kids
Lightning Bolt Unisex Pants - Still Rad / Mad + Pie Collaboration

Most of these brands are a little unique - so I was happily surprised to find such a cute jacket as the one above from Gymboree. Its always worth checking out those sites... plus they have great deals sometimes. Any other brands that readers recommend for unique and cute boys clothes?

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