Printable Laundry Stain Cheat Sheet

There are a fair amount of free printable stain removal cheat sheets out there -- but I really wanted one that would look nice in a frame and posted in our laundry area. I'm horrible at remembering how to get stains out - and as our family grows so does the number of stains and the amount of laundry!

Instead of using one that I wasn't too found of the design, I decided to make one that would work for me. I like the chalk look so I decided to go with that - and created this one in PicMonkey. It's made to fit in an 8 x 10 photo and is best printed on a nice color printer, from a Kinkos/FedEx store or ordered as a photo from Walgreens. The Kinkos/FedEx store option is the best I found... it still actually looks like a chalkboard.

The graphics are from my favorite free vintage photo resource: The Graphics Fairy.

If you want to print a copy for yourself - save it from this link.

Happy Friday!

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