Hello Friday... Goodbye May.

I am amazed that May is almost over. We had a great May - and a great trip to Portland last weekend to visit my sister. Lucille did amazing on the plane and as you can see, she read the emergency landing instructions very carefully.

June represents summertime and my birthday and such great things. I am really looking forward to June this year. I think it's going to be a good month. Now, if its a typical Friday where you are - you might need some online reading and entertainment to get you through the day. Here is just that ... in random High Heels and Honeybee style:

15 cities for creative 20-somethings (that aren't NYC or LA) I'm not a creative 20-something - but I really like a few of the cities on this list.

Reading Rainbow on kickstarter.

New toddler dance moves. Lucille isn't this crazy with her dance moves yet. She just snaps her fingers above her head. I'll share a video some day.

These 8 beers people should stop drinking immediately. But in my opinion, not because of the GMOs. Just because they are gross. And there are SO many tastier beers out there.

10 things only short girls understand. So true.

Some great historic photos... I'm sure everyone has seen these by now - but if you haven't they are interesting to scroll through.

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