Friday is here lovelies!

My little Lucille has been enjoying some water fun this week as we've been experiencing some crazy warm weather - enjoy her bathing beauty picture above, courtesy of grandma.

I'm a bit sad as I write this, because I SWORE that this weekend was Memorial Day weekend and that we had three days off. Alas, that's next weekend. Just in case you too thought you had a three-day weekend, here are some links to get you through today and into your still nice 2-day weekend.

Let Go, Keep it Simple and Move Quickly. All go well with my 2014 Mantra!

Channing Tatum is going to play Gambit. This is disturbing to me.

Kevin Bacon footloose.

VSCO Hypebeast preset. It's free, Instagram lovers.

I will be looking out for busts at yard/estate sales in the future.

Picnic foods

Plan your weekend, Sacramentans:
Walk on the Wildside
Spring Antiques Fair in Auburn
Farms, Friends and Fairytales at Fairytale Town

Happy Friday!

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