MPM: Week of April 7

April is a happy month for us in the Martin household. Yesterday was our 3 year anniversary, we bought our house in April 2012 and Lucille's birthday is April 2013. I also really love  Easter - and April tends to be the month Easter is celebrated in. Basically, April makes me happy.

Anyways, on to the meal plan for this week. Last week was not a big success with the meal planning efforts. My grandmother was in the hospital, I got food poisoning on Friday - slept all day and night Saturday and then we had a party Sunday. So with that said, lets try again. And yes, I know its already Tuesday so obviously this planning isn't off to a great start.

Monday: BBQ
Tuesday: Pasta with Sausage in an Alfredo Sauce (this is a yogurt based Alfredo sauce - so a little healthier)
Wednesday: Tropical Basil Stir-Fry (A trial recipe of my own. If its good - I'll share.)
Thursday: Taquito Salad
Friday: with family
Saturday: Pizza
Sunday: Stuffed Bell Peppers

 Sorry for my lack of creativity. Maybe some of the other menu planners have more creative meals you can browse through. Check them out at org junkie!!

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