Hello Friday...

It's Friday - time to wrap things up and take a break for a few days. With Easter this weekend, I'm sure most of you will be busy - and probably starting the weekend a bit early. We've been letting Lucille hide and find her own Easter eggs the past few days - and she loves taking things out and putting them "back" (which she will say repeatedly as she does it) so it can entertain her for hours.

If you need that little push to get you through the day so you can start your weekend - here are some fun things to explore.

Beautiful food illustrations

Car trip bingo with an Agriculture theme (I can't wait till my kids are old enough to play car games like this.)

Dessert? My dad and I would eat these for breakfast when I was a kid.

A well done Thai advertisement.

I need some help with boy nursery themes. I love some over at Lay Baby Lay (like this Rad Little Dude one) but I'm not in love with anything. Suggestions?

Enjoy and Happy Easter!

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