A new addition to our hive.

Well... its about time I write this post. I just haven't had time to put it together. We are expecting baby Martin #2 end of July! Lucille will be just 15 months old - which puts us in a 2-under-2 club. I have no idea what we are getting into, but we are excited about it. It makes me a little teary-eyed (maybe its the hormones) to look at Lucille and think she is going to be a big sister. She already acts so much less like a baby and more like a kid... its just amazing.

Anyways - I'll be keeping you posted on the prep and all the fun stuff as it happens. I've got a very messy "office" I need to clean and transform into a baby's room.

P.S. I had to share this picture of Lucille practicing to be a big sister.

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