Christmas Movies Part II

Last year I highlighted movies that were available for streaming on Amazon (free for Prime members!) There have been some new additions this year so I thought I'd put together a part II. Here is my list for 2013. Be sure to check out the ones I listed last year too!

1.) Scrooged - I love Bill Murray and love this movie.

2.) The Hollywood Place: Bing Crosby Christmas Show - If you like Bing Crosby - this could be a fun one to watch with the family.

3.) Jingle All the Way - Arnold Schwarzenegger can be funny in movies. I actually haven't seen this one, but its free - so who cares if you don't watch it all.

4.) How About You - Ok, now we are getting a little more obscure. But it has Vanessa Redgrave in it. So maybe?

5.) Christmas Classics Vol. 1 - This would be great if you've got kids. Or maybe if you enjoy an old fashion cartoon every now and then.

6.) The Rockettes: Radio City Christmas Spectacular - I like the Rockettes. This would be something fun to have playing in the background during a christmas party or something.

7.) Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas - Another one for kids. But its Jim Henson - so I thought it was still worth including.

8.) Mr Magoo's Christmas Carol - Ok - one more kid one. Any other good old fashioned 1960's cartoon. I like this one.

9.) The Bishop's Wife - An old one that I've some how missed before. Starring Cary Grant.

Ok... there is the additions. I'm ready to start watching Christmas movies... 'tis the season.

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