Happiness is...

Happiness for me is being with my family. Its worth is immeasurable and while I don't think "pursuing happiness is our purpose on Earth"... it sure makes the ride more enjoyable. I'd like to think that our purpose on Earth has more to do with love and family, through the happy and sad times. But during this month of "thanksgiving" I hope all my readers can reflect on things that make them happy.

This video that I found via Elephant Journal is quite interesting. 6th and 7th graders talk about what happiness is and its worth, etc. Some of these answers make me a little bit sad. I hope Lucille still believes in true happiness when she is in 6th and 7th grade.

 There was one quote in here that I think is worth highlighting:

"I think happiness is when your mind is like satisfied with something. If you're like always satisfied about your life, and even if something sad happens, you'll mostly stay happy. So you could stay happy all your life." - Abnash, Grade 6

Lets roll with that idea. Be satisfied with your life and even if something sad happens you can stay happy your whole life.

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