Fall Cleaning

Ok, I've been chipping away at my Fall Bucket List. I watched Its the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown this past weekend (Lucy was much more interested in her Jumperoo then the movie.) We handed out candy - to a disappointingly small amount of trick or treaters. I don't think the Run to Feed the Hungry is going to pan out - since I can't find anyone to walk it with me... (any takers???)

Anyways, the whole reason for this post is because I realized there was a not so fun bucket list task that I left off. Cleaning. Its got to be done and soon. We are still adjusting to life with a baby and we are definitely still learning how to get anything done. So I thought if I put it in writing it might stick. Here are my two cleaning goals for November.

 - Clean and organize the office/junk room.

 - Purge my closet

This all came to mind today because today's NaBloPoMo prompt is to tell you about my writing space. And I don't really have one. I sit at the dining table or in the living room most of the time. But I really, really wish I could show you all a picture of a lovely and inspirational work space. Unfortunately, I'd be embarrassed to take a picture of the room I call "the office." It literally just holds junk.

I also found this wardrobe editing post over at Modern Eve -- and felt inspired to clean out the closet. Not everything fits the same as it did pre-baby and I think its time to purge. Plus, I still have some maternity clothes hanging up and its time to get those stashed away till next time.

Ok. You all need to hold me to these tasks. I'll let you know when they are finished! Anyone else doing any Fall cleaning?

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