Don't let Thanksgiving get over run by Christmas

I've seen a few posts on Facebook from my retail working friends about this campaign to "Say No to Shopping on Thanksgiving" and I think its a great idea. I've never been one for the rush of "Black Friday" but it seems like the start time creeps up every year.

Since my husband works in a basically 24/7 industry I know how much it means to get your family together on holidays.We are lucky enough this year that he gets to observe the holiday and spend it with us - but we never know more than a few days in advance if that is going to be the case.

I think we can all take a day off from our Christmas shopping - and send a message to the retailers. We don't need to have people work on Christmas day. Stay home and eat, play a game or do a puzzle. Have a hot toddy. So many better options!

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving tomorrow!

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