Checking things off, in style.

I love a well styled checklist. If you are a fan of the online magazine "Matchbook" you might already know that they put out some very stylish checklists. They even have a "The Matchbook girl..." section in each issue (see the list from the Nov. 2013 issue to the right.)

While I sure don't actually do many of the items on this list (I'd like to think I host thoughtful parties and I am sure I Instagram my adventures... but a mean pumpkin pie? Not so much.) They are always laid out and worded so well that it sure makes me want to do those things.

So out of the Matchbox checklist of classic novels - I have read exactly half. Some of my favorite? To Kill a Mockingbird, A Girl of the Limberlost and A Little Princess.

Doing a little better on the check list of classic films, I've seen 39 out of 50. Fried Green Tomatoes and Sound of Music being my top two on that list.

Any books or movies on these lists that you agree or disagree with? Something missing? I'm always looking for book and movie recommendations!

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