The Life of a Blog

So here I am. I started this blog 4 and 1/2 years ago - and my life sure has changed and evolved since then. Married, bought a house, had a baby... these are life changing events! Yet, High Heels and Honeybees has been a constant. So here is the deal. I'm starting to wonder.... Should I move on? Not stop blogging, I love it too much. Even if no one other than my husband and a few close friends and family members are reading. Just something new.

New name... more focused content... this are my thoughts. The thing is - I want some feedback from my readers first! I'd like to get rid of this blogspot url... get a big girl url... and maybe move on over to wordpress... Ok... too much background details.

Just go and answer these quick 6 questions and help me move on. Or help me stay exactly where I am. You decide.

Thanks in advance!

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