Listicles: 10 Things I have a Crush On

So I found Northwestmommy while I was looking on Instagram (see crush #4) at all the cute #instamommys. She does "Monday Listicles" - and I decided to start participating. Here is my first Monday list.

10 Things I Have a Crush On:

#1 - My baby girl Miss Lulu

#2 - My husband

#3 - My life. I am blessed to have a great family and great friends. Ok. That's all for the sappy crushes. The rest will be not so serious. I promise.

#4 - Instagram (follow me if you want to see pictures of #1 and #2) and VSCOCam

#5 - Peek Kids Clothing

#6 - Cooking

#7 - Early Morning (see previous post)

#8 - Sewing (see my leggings post)

#9 - Big Dogs (I really want a Bernese Mountain Dog or a Newfie - hence, why I was drawn to Northwest Mommy!) See Bernese Mountain Dog puppy above.

#10 - The song Royals by Lordes. I am obsessed right now. I blast it in my car like I'm 19 or something. If Lucille was old enough she'd be embarrassed.

Ok. There it is! I can't wait to read other peoples crushes!


  1. Welcome to Listicles! Lulu is adorable & I loooooooove her name

  2. ohhhhh...those Newfoundlands are just loves. great crushes....welcome to mondays!

  3. Graet list!! I am loving that song too!!!