Instafavs - Friday Fixation

I'm an iPhone, Instagram addict. Its hard not to be when you have a little one you're in love with and want to take pictures of all the time. There are so many great bloggers and momma's on Instagram - I had to share five of my favs.

1.) @mommyshorts - Ok, her blog is so great. Mazzy is a little star - but I must say I am drawn to Harlow because she is closer in age to my daughter.... so I see similarities. Either way she is just as hilarious on Instagram as she is in her blog. Follow along both.

2.) @karlaquiz -Her little France is such a cutie. I love her post on raising an independent girl (something I hope my little Lulu grows into) and you can see that independence in her pictures. They are some of my favorite to find on my Instagram feed. Aren't those sunglasses presh?
3.) @urbankidphoto - I love her photos and I'm not just biased because she's a friend of mine (the real kind not the social media kind.) Her daughter is adorable - and all her pictures are always framed in such great and unique ways. You can see pictures beyond her Instagram on her website.

4.) @jlgarvin - Another great blogger and her daughter Harper is adorable. Added bonus? She and her husband are Hawkeyes! (For those of you that don't know - my husband is a Hawkeye too - and I claim it because its soo much cooler than being a Hornet...) So I love the cuteness and the Iowa connection makes it even more perfect!
5.) @dearestdaughters -  I love the Min_e Blog - and all the contributing ladies - but Jessica's Instagram feed is my favorite. I love these curly hair cuties!