Halloween Costumes for Baby

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays - so I am super excited for Miss L's first costume. I just don't know what I want to dress her as. So its early September and I'm already feeling like I'm behind on this. So I thought I'd share some cute and original ideas I've found while searching.

For all the 80's kids that are now parents - how about a cabbage patch kid? You really would just need the wig part and dress baby in some cute flowery dress. Or overalls. Anyways, I love it. Its easy with this wig on etsy. This is a definite contender for Lucille.

If we had a little boy - Chewbacca would  be a great idea. And so easy with a onesie.

There is the strange costumes - like sushi baby (but I do LOVE the little wasabi and ginger) or a hostess cupcake. Also a little strange - but oddly cute is this flying pig. The Wishing Elephant shop on easy is full of original ideas.

Ok - any other good original baby costume ideas?

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