Free Samples!

I've always loved getting free samples - especially of beauty products and now baby products. Lately there has been an flush of good samples - so I thought I'd share.

1st - I signed up for the sample pack of the diapers and wipes at the Honest Company. The designs on the diapers are super cute (see picture on the left) - and they fit well, no leaks, etc. But the monthly price was a little high for me to keep the subscription. My Pampers diapers and wipes come from Amazon every month and it was about $15 cheaper for more total product.

So in an effort to save some cash - I didn't make the switch. But try it out and decide for yourself!

On the beauty side of things - I'm waiting to get my free sample of Estee Lauder's Modern Muse perfume and a sample of the Maybelline Foundation Stick from Target. There is also another free perfume sample of Bulgari Omnia Crystalline available.

Any one else receive any good freebies lately?

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