Around Town: Week of Sept. 22

This isn't really local - but if you are thinking of heading out of town next weekend - remember that Sept 28 is National Public Lands Day - so there is no entrance fee at any of the National Parks. A good reason to get out of town.

If that's not your thing, and you want to say bye to Summer with some beer and BBQ - head over to Ten22. Sept 28 is the "Tap Outta Summer" event. $20 in advance gets you 2 beers and all you can eat BBQ. Plus they'll have live music.

Two of my local favorites are coming together for a Farm-to-Fork event at the Capitol on Sept. 26. The "Legends of Wine" event will feature selections from David Berkley (man, I miss his store...) and Darrell Corti. Be sure to check out all the Farm-to-Fork events for something to do.

Hope everyone has a good week! I can't believe its officially Fall...

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