More Music for Baby

Just a quick post today - of something I wanted to share with other mommy readers. Our little miss L seems to love music. We play our Beatles Rockabye Baby CD for her a lot. She sleeps well in her swing with some music on for nap time - and she LOVED going to the Sacramento Library to hear Mr. Cooper.

And of course, we listen to Pandora. And I just found a new station for kids I wanted to share with you. First 5 California has put together a station called First 5 CA Kids Station. They play great, well known kids songs to encourage us parents to dance, sing and play with our kids - since that's the best way they can learn.

I love it! And really applaud First 5 for doing something so outside the box for a government program. :)

Check it out!

P.S. I'm going to be trying NaBloPoMo again for August. The theme this month is: HOT. First days prompt is a pretty simple question: Do you like hot beverages? It gets a very simple answer of: YES. I'm a daily Cappuccino girl - even when its hot outside.

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