Friday Fixation: H&M Kids

I haven't done a Friday Fixation post in awhile. But when I was browsing the H&M website - I knew I had to. I could just put together an entire wardrobe for Miss L from the H&M kids collection. In efforts to not spend a few hundred dollars online shopping today, I thought I'd share my top picks on the blog instead.

Of course I had to start with this cute My Little Pony long sleeve shirt - in honor of one of my favorite toys as a kid. Perfect for the fall and winter.
Then of course this owl outfit grabbed my attention. I think its a little more "boyish" then "girlish" but the owl and those greens are just adorable either way.
Ok - and the way more girly owl - this set of two pajamas are lovely even if the owls look a little funny.
This dress and leggings outfit has great colors - especially those leggings! I'd buy the whole outfit just for those colorful leggings.

And these scarves! Oh my. I don't know what is much cuter then scarves for babies.
Ok. I could go on and on. But I'll let you explore the site and find some of your own favorites. Go check out the H&M kids section!


  1. YES to the scarves! And those leggings. I LOVE H&M for kids stuff, especially the basics and clearance deals.

  2. I want to try and make the scarves. If I succeed I'll make one for Marlee.