Vacation Time!

No Menu Plan Monday for me this week - because I only have a few days I'd have to plan since we are on Vacation for part of the week! We're traveling up to the Oregon Coast near Newport. Looking forward to get to some cooler weather ... and a little hesitant on an 8+ hour car ride with a 2 1/2 month old. But I'm sure it will go fine.

Over at NaBloPoMo today - they have a very appropriate prompt:  Do you find it easy to go offline during vacation? The easy answer to this - as anyone who follows me on Instagram will know - is no. Since I just got a new iPhone I think that amplifies that "no" just a little bit. But I have a reason. I think all these "connections," like Instagram, are our new way of saving memories. I'll still take my big camera and get some good shots with it - but I bet the majority of pictures will be taken on my phone. And posted on Instagram. And made into magnets (use referral code: FRIEND6T85 to get $2 off!). Or a photo book.

But, I must add that I make sure to go offline enough to enjoy myself. If I don't manage to make the posts everyday this week - its because I didn't have enough time to do them in advance - and I'm not blogging on my vacation. 

Hope everyone has a good week! P.S. Enjoy the picture of my little Pumpkin in her car seat. Hopefully she's this peaceful on our long drive!


  1. Have a blast! It is brutal here in NYC this week with temps in the mid 90's feeling like 103. Ugh. I hope you find a bit cooler temperatures! I got my iphone 3 weeks ago and find I love being able to read comments and things when I am on the go. It freezes time up for me. I don't post when on vacation either, but the last two times I was away I had a few posts in the can. Your pumpkin is adorable. She looks ready to go!

  2. Thanks Winnie! Yah, the coast should be in the low 70's! Can't wait.