More Good Music for the Kids...

I've post a few times already about kids music -- and I have one more album I'd like to share. This one I  discovered via Cool Mom Picks and I really enjoyed it. From Jennifer Gasoi, the album is called Throw a Penny in a Wishing Well. The artwork on the cover is what caught my attention first - its more artsy looking then most kids albums that just have some goofy guy playing a guitar on them.

The music has a great jazz feeling to it - and is something I could handle listening to on a car drive. I like the song Hey There Joe.... you can get a free song from the album over at the Cool Mom Tech post - so check it out!

If you wanna see my other kid music posts... they are here and here.

Today's NaBloPoMo's prompt is about connections you regret... and I don't think I have any. I'm happy with all the people in my life - and all my readers on this blog! So thanks!

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